Muscle Imbalances

Dr. Mitchell Yass Author of The Pain Cure stated in the May edition of What Doctors Don't Tell You:  “In 95 percent of my patients, the cause of knee pain is muscular, and appropriate targeted and progressive resistance exercises can resolve the cause and stop the pain.”  The article goes on to state the three most common muscular causes of knee pain:  1. An imbalance between quadriceps and hamstrings, 2. strained quadricepts and 3. A strained gluteus medius muscle.

This was music to my ears, preaching to the choir so to speak.  In my practice I always look for muscle imbalances as demonstrated in the client's posture and range of motion to help them relieve their pain, no matter where it manifests.  Muscles work in pairs, the antagonist and agonist, counteracting each other's activity about a joint.  I assist them in learning to really relax over-worked tight muscles, then lengthen them and eventually stretch and strengthen the weaker of the pair.

This obviously does not happen overnight.  I tell everyone that yoga therapy is like being in a row boat with a small hole in it and you have a thimble to bail the water out.  It takes patience and persistence.

Jessica Bayer