Male, 64, Vietnam veteran, presented with cancer, post-surgery to remove prostate with continual three month treatments to eliminate all testosterone.  He acknowledged symptoms of depression due to loss of sexual function and long term issues with scoliosis, osteitis pubis and TMJ.  He was a survivor of parental child abuse.  

Since he was a yoga and meditation practitioner since 1968, Pamela chose to give him a more active practice than usual for a cancer patient.  This started with warrior poses with proper wall alignment and breath concentrating on affirming mantras to boost his strength and vigor. Cultivating a positive attitude is important when faced with a life threatening disease and can be a determining factor in continued quality of life.  Holding these poses at least 72 seconds also helped avoid osteoporosis, a potential side effect of this treatments.  

Soon he stepped away from the wall maintaining good posture and breath, adding movements to aid in soothing back and hip pain.  Proper anatomical alignment in asana combined with overworked muscle release were key to his well being since this avoided adding more pressure on sensitive areas.  

Today he is an active yoga participant, a vibrant and positive man showing no detectable signs of cancer for over two years.  His treatment will continue when he is ready to release any pent up “issues in the tissues” from past traumas.


Client Review


“Pamela quickly got to the reasons for my pain. She was compassionate but at the same time pointed about my therapy.

I have cancer. The cancer never hurt but the surgery and medicine changed me. Pamela used my previous experiences with yoga and developed a specific yoga practice for me that turned me up and made all the difference. I am a war veteran too (and other bad experiences) and Pam helped me understand how my body stores the reactions in a certain part, and how it accumulates over the years to drag me down physically and mentally.  

I felt every session with her as though she was trying every minute to reach and help me. Over time, I trusted her with more of my secrets. She remained composed even though sometime my words were shocking. 

Pamela was instrumental for me in recovering from my issues and I commend her to you. She knows about what is inside of you and how to attack the bad stuff through yoga therapy.”