Piriformis Syndrome

Male, 36, international music performer, presented with lower back pain, piriformis syndrome and pelvic floor imbalance.  Client was exacerbating his condition with overly strenuous workouts, which he modified, but was unable to discontinue constant powerful movements on stage in his concert venues.  Pelvic floor stabilizations movements, wall postural alignment and alternate nostril breath were suggested to help ground and balance him prior to performances.  Somatics and progressing towards poses like revolved triangle were practiced to help relieve muscle imbalances and pressure in the pelvic region.   Foam rolling assisted in alleviating pain in this area, being extra cautious about not rolling too much on the IT band.  Modifying his constant sitting while mixing music to alternating with standing or moving was advised as beneficial to prevent pain reoccurrence.  He is obtaining relief with this program that will allow him to work more easily on a new release and video.